To our teachers, students, and parents of our students, who use our devices:

During this unprecedented time, we have received an influx of emails requesting help with devices and software. Many of you are seeking additional chargers and technical help. We are thrilled to connect with many of you. Since several of you are asking the same questions, we wanted to provide a general announcement on our website.


It is with frustration, but understanding, that we inform you that we are still unable to enter our company workplace in Brooklyn, NY, due to Covid-19 restrictions. While we are still available to help with tech concerns and needs, but we now have limited access to our accessories, which are usually available on this web page.

Our engineers confirmed that the following may be the best options for chargers in the open market:

Charger Option One 


Charger Option Two


Please be advised that the 'life' of the chargers may not be the same as the chargers we provide. A comparison to share would be using a cell phone charger from the original supplier or brand versus a generic charger you purchase at the pharmacy or grocery store. While both will provide the same effect, a charged cell phone, the quality of the material, and the life of the charger usually is not the same.


We hope to advise you soon about the return to our office location.

Wishing you all well and hoping you are staying safe.

The Team at Blank Technologies Corp

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