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Blank Technologies' mission is to ensure children become conscientious users of technology.

We're providing a holistic approach to deploying highly customized hardware, software, and life-cycle management tools. All purpose-built for education.  

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Blank Technologies (Blank.tech) exists because we believe that modern education is broken. Currently, schools use computers that all too often fail to enhance the classroom learning environment. As a result, many students become disengaged and expensive IT investments end up collecting dust. Through our fully integrated learning tools, we at Blank.tech are here to change that.


Our hardware is purpose-built for education (co-developed by Intel for Education), preloaded with educational software, and bundled with STEM accessories and product lifecycle management tools. Our team are educator advocates, empowering the teachers to inspire their students the most.


Based out of Brooklyn, NY, we bring local insights strengthened by strategic, global partnerships. As proud members of the JP Partner Program, we leverage the learning and experiences of more than 10 years in the educational industry, from more than 20 large-scale projects around the world, and 15M students impacted in 70 countries. We are redefining what it means to go from Global to Local.

By adopting a holistic, socially responsible approach to edtech, and delivering a full suite of integrated hardware, software, lifecycle management and learning services, we dedicate ourselves as partners to the educators we empower across North America.




Case Study Summary:

Are you wondering how our devices stack against the competition? Contact us to receive our case study on how Blank.tech brings the modern classroom to life.

Our Device Benefits

・Transcends the classroom

・Purpose-built versatility

・Designed for mobility

・Built for durability